Tuesday, April 21, 2009

French Quarter Festival

Keith & I spent our first weekend away from the kids since Kendall was born as we celebrated Keith's 33rd birthday with a weekend in New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival. We stayed at a hotel along w/ our good friends Jeff and Sarah Glynn. We were then joined by many more friends who still live in the New Orleans area. The Festival was awesome w/ cajun food, local drinks (aka Hurricane's), street vendors, local artists and of course music. We had a great time and there were many good memories made. The stories will be told for years to come!

Kaden's 1st Golf Lesson

Kaden has now taken up golf. He received his own clubs and a mini golf cart last year for his birthday. He has been going outside and putting in the yard w/ Keith and the plan is that when Keith leaves all day to play golf.....he can eventually bring one of the children w/ him :) Since Kaden has turned 4 he has started taking lessons and will be going to golf camp at the country club this July. He is super excited and loves his inctructor.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Seaworld & Disney Vacation

We just got home last night from a week long Disney vacation in Orlando. It was non-stop activity but the kids were wonderful and enjoyed every minute of it. We visited city walk at Universal Studios, Seaworld, Downtown Disney, Magic Kingdom, Portofino Islands Bice Restaurant, Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex World and even got in a little leisure time by the pool. Kaden rode his very first roller coaster at Seaworld, which was followed by three more at Disney. Kendall was a perfect angel at the parks and really enjoyed all the fish at Seaworld and the characters at Disney. Her favorite ride was by far Its a Small Small World and Kaden's was a close tie b/w the Buzz lighyear and the race cars.

Kendall's 1st Easter

We celebrated Easter numerous ways over the past two weeks. It started w/ an egg hunt and party at Roselawn Manor in Cartersville w/ Kaden's class last week. A visit from LaLa & Pops w/ gifts and lunch. Then we traveled to Orlando for a week long Disney vacation where the Easter Bunny even came to our hotel room to tuck the kids in and deliver their Easter baskets. It was then followed by dinner w/ Uncle D at a very nice Italian Restaurant, Bice. Easter Sunday was spent in the Magic Kingdom where we were able to meet Mr. and Mrs. Bunny along w/ many other Disney characters.

Girls Night Out w/ lots of laughs

A much needed girls night out was full of laughs. My Dad is very good friends w/ a now famous comedian, Brian Regan. They became friends back in high school in Miami. They have remained friends for over 35 years now. Shay, Dierdra, Veronica, Suzanne and I all went out to dinner and then to the show and back stage. We had a great night out.