Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Gymnastics Performance

My niece, Saige, had her first gymnastics performance this past week at one of the local schools spring flings. It was adorable and Saige looked so cute doing her routine. Kaden & Kendall watched in excitement as we knew several of the little girls on the team and when the cheerleaders came out to perform Kendall ran out onto the grass with them right into the middle as they were about to perform...just wanting to be part of the action and dance to the music. I of course was mortified!
We also learned that weekend that my other niece, Kylee, made the competition cheer squad...a big deal in our town...so we are super excited for her and looking forward to attending all her performances too! This group sure does keep us busy!

Mommy & Me Gymnastics

Kendall & I started a Mommy & Me gymnastics program last month and she loves it. What is also wonderful about it is that she is with her little group of girlfriends from Kindermusic who all also have siblings Kaden's age and have been friends of Kaden's for the last two years. Kendall has been walking on a balance beam, swinging from the bars, tumbiling, rolling and jumping...all with a little help from Mom, but she does it all a lot more graceful than I could!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mary Poppins Live

My Mom, Kaden, Kendall & I took in a performance of Mary Poppins on Broadway at the Fox Theatre this afternoon. Or should I say My mom and Kaden did. Kendall was horrible and I spent most of the play in the lobby and then finally decided to go to the car after intermission. From the little bit I took in it was wonderful and Kaden loved it as did my Mom. After we ate at the Ok Cafe off Paces Ferry Rd....excellent veggie plate!
Although Kendall didn't cooperate this go around I will continue my efforts to expose the kids to live performances, especially the theatre. The last few performances we went to (101 Dalmations and Curious George Live) she was wonderful!...You just never know at this age.
All in all it was just nice to spend the afternoon w/ my kiddos and my Mom.