Monday, October 27, 2008

Kaden wants to turn 4!

When do you stop counting the 1/2 birthdays? Keith and I were just talking about how when we were kids we were always obsessed w/ turning a year older. As we have celebrated Saige, my niece, and Maddie, Kaden's friend, 4th bdays this past week he has become more and more interested in turning a year older. Before we know it our little man will be 4, then 5, then 16, then 21, then 30 and so on. As we looked through albums of the last 4 years last night it is crazy to us that so much time has passed before our eyes. I now totally get the saying that 'they grow up overnight.' I just want to keep my boy a baby just a little longer...I dread the day he stops asking to play w/ my hair and to hold him even though I seem to busy for it at times lately.

Kendall @ 12 weeks

Our girl is now 12 weeks old! She is quite the squirmy worm. She can now roll over to each side from her back and has really started to swat her arms in an effort to touch or grab at an object. Her obsession is to get her hand to her mouth. She has also discovered her feet, which keeps her entertained in her carseat. We have also started to use more of her toys as she is able to hold her head up. Her bumpo seat, pictured, is great and the baby einstein exersaucer offers much needed entertainment so I'm able to check email finally!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tourists in Atlanta

Kaden has been begging us to go to the aquarium so we decided to go to downtown Atlanta at the last minute yesterday and we all of the sudden became tourists in our own city. We went to the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coke, played soccer in Centennial Park and met my friend Shay for dinner at Maggianos in the Vinings. We all had a great day! Kendall was wide eyed as she was surrounded by the fish and she wiggled in delight, but it wasn't to long that it was all too much and she nodded off to sleep for awhile. The best part of the day was trying all the different Cokes from around the world. We all got a bit of a caffeine rush, but it was well worth it. Dinner was not to bad either. We topped it all off w/ three desserts: Creme Brulee, Tiramusu, and vanilla ice cream!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A long weekend comes to a close....

Keith has been out of town since Thursday morning and it is weekends like this that I can truly sympathize with single moms. Having two kids w/ 3 1/2 years in b/w them has its pros and cons, but I would say the biggest negative is the inability to nap w/ the baby. Kaden no longer takes naps during the day so there is no real time for me to unwind when Kendall goes down for her brief naps. However, I do take this time to go on turbo mode and get laundry done, clean, check emails, or play w/ Kaden & tend to his needs. There is just no real down time for me to just turn off as Mommy or even enjoy a nice hot shower. We did accomplish a few musts this weekend like finalizing plans for Kendalls upcoming baptism and reception. I booked the restaurant, ordered the invites and confirmed the church w/ the Deacon. We also made it to church this morning and Kendall stayed in the nursery for the first time. It took every ounce of me to sit through that hour w/out going to check on her. She was fine though & they said she slept for about 30 mins and showed her 'gums' a lot while smiling and wiggling in delight.
Keith will be home in about 2 hours and I will welcome him back w/ open arms and a kid or two to watch as I take part in my Sunday evening shows...Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters!

Let them eat Cake!

Keith loves to bake sweets w/ Kaden. However, he tends to do this as he is about to go out of town leaving all the goodies w/ a woman on a diet w/ no will power when it comes to warm, chewy brownies!