Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween :)

George, Mia and Kaden...The football players and their cheerleader. These are two of Kaden's best buddies; they were in class together last year as well.
Kaden during the parade of costumes where the parents were invited to watch every class in the school show off their cute. We had Kaden's jersey monogrammed so I hope to frame it and hang in his sports theme room after he outgrows it!

We had Kendall dressed in her LSU cheerleader outfit to match her brother for his school Halloween party at school yesterday. While watching the kiddie costume parade, Kendall seen one of her Kindermusic pals, Will, who was dressed as a UGA football player. Go Dawgs!

Kaden and Olivia...Scooby Dooby Doo! These two have the cutest love hate relationship! They were also in class together last year and have played soccer together for two seasons.

The class picture w/ their teacher Ms. Trish

These pictures are from Kendall's Kindermusic class on Thursday where the kids were invited to wear their costumes to class. The group shot was one of many we attempted to take. It turned out impossible to try and get them all looking at the camera at once. Notice how Kendall is in between the two boys in the first picture. That is because she likes to attack the other girls in the class...literally! Actually two minutes before this photo was taken she was sitting next to Sarah (the pink poodle) and demanded her attention by grabbing her face and leaving claw marks on her...just one of those humbling moments where you feel you have no control and other parents are totally judging you and your bully child!
The second picture is of Kendall the pink fairy and her shirt reads "Move Over TinkerBell" and her baby friend Laura Katherine who is dressed a beautiful TinkerBell.

This was taken at our friends costume birthday party this past Wednesday. The kids enjoyed a hay ride and cupcake decorating. In addition to an LSU football player and cheerleader Kaden decided he also wanted to be a blue power ranger. However, he would not settle for the normal blue power ranger...he requested the 3D Dino Thunder Blue Power have no idea how hard this was to find...thank goodness for Ebay! Kendall is a pink fairy.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Festival and The Cough!

Kaden's new fish who has since been named both March Forward and Sonic
This is by far Kaden's new may notice he does this bouncy at every opportunity that presents itself...we waited in line for almost 30 mins...oh fun!

Kendall becomes very sleepy waiting in line all bundled up w/ her halloween baby doll dressed as a tiger!

Kaden and his pal George

This past Saturday was another typical weekend w/ more activities then we could manage and to top it off Kendall woke up w/ a cough, runny nose and slight fever! A fever in her is now beyond scary so I gave her Motrin right away and made sure she was back to normal before we headed out the door. Within an hour she was running around the house like a crazy woman and Kaden was bouncing off the walls in anticipation of the days activities. We arrived at our first destination, which was a birthday party at an indoor gymnastics center for a friend of Kaden's from school. They looked so cute in their matching ghost shirts and as I was collecting all our items I heard Kaden say "Mommy I really have to go pee pee." To which I replied "one minute," but that reply was meet w/ "Oh no, Mommy I can't stop legs are wet!" At that moment I should have realized this was going to be one of those days where I should have just turned around and went home and saved myself a lot of trouble, but after a minute of pure panic I put everyone back in the car and rushed over to Target to buy him new underwear and pants. We walked into the party 30 minutes late, but the kids had a great time...Until I finally got ahold of Kendall and she was again running a fever. When I went to collect Kaden I was met by one of the workers who informed me my son had gone down one of the slides into the big foam ball pit and had lost his pants in the pit..."Well, of course he did!" (The pants I purchased at Target were a size too big, but the only ones that would match his shirt you see :) He was too embarrassed to come out so the nice young man working their crawled into the ball pit passed me off my son and went fishing for his pants. Now I was mortified and it was just time to go. Keith met me just in time to go to the drug store to get more Motrin for Kendall and wait to see how she did with that in the parking lot. Then it was off to the Fall Festival at the Club. Kaden was greeted by many of his little friends and ran around playing for a good hour while I socialized and my poor husband was trapped inside w/ our baby girl who nonetheless was devouring some chicken fingers and tater tots. Kaden's highlight of the day was that he won a gold fish at one of the games...wonderful our last fish just died two weeks ago...this will be #3! We ate our dinner and then headed home for baths and to try to get to bed early. I had planned to go to a friend's birthday dinner in Atlanta w/ my girlfriends, but at that point all I wanted was sleep and to get Kendall well so no grown up time for me.

Update on the illness factor: Kendall is still sick :( She was up all night coughing and is currently sleeping on the couch! and Kaden has missed two days of school b/c of cough and runny nose. I just can't believe they are both sick again! I just hope they are better in time for trick or treating.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Date Night with an Unexpected Ending

This past Friday night Keith was in town so we decided to venture out for dinner and a possible movie. We invited our good friends Tara & Cope along and headed to the club for the monthly seafood buffet. I am new to crab legs so my dinner guests were entertained just to watch how clumsy I was w/ my utensils I'm sure. We enjoyed a great meal and then as we left we contemplated a movie, but not so fast. A call from my sister notified me that my Mom was at the hospital w/ severe stomach pains. I was luckily two minutes from there and rushed over to demand that I get back into the ER to see her. It turns out it was a kidney infection and stones, certainly not a fun night for my Mom. As we waited on the results of the catscan we just sat and chatted w/ my parents...something that is not done often as there is usually the distraction of the kids running around or business to talk about. As we left the hospital that night I had an awakening, once again, of just how fragile life is and how quickly things could be turned upside down. Seeing my Mom in that hospital bed I realized that if something were to happen to my life long best friend I would be lost in this life. I have definitely not been the picture perfect daughter but my Mom has always been constant in her love for me, her life advice and all with a grace and wisdom that I have come to respect and admire.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Little Sister

Just had to share this pic of Kendall from yesterday. I told her, "Kendall go stand by fireplace so Mama can take your picture pretty please." And the result was this, perfect pose and all. It was one of those rare moments where your child actually listens to you...they are so few and far b/w :) I loved this fall outfit on her from Gymboree w/ polka dot jeans and a fall theme shirt that reads "Little Sister" cute!

Picturesque Pumpkins

Kaden & Kendall pose w/ their new pumpkin once we got home.

Kaden made new friends at the class and was happy to show off all the decorated pumpkins. I don't think my son has ever met a stranger!

Kaden gets hands on digging out pumpkin seeds

Kaden attended the picturesque pumpkins Kids Korner class at A La Carte in Marietta yesterday afternoon. He had a wonderful time digging out the pumpkin "guts" as he called it and creating his pumpkin, which he later named Spike, and rightfully so. The teacher and owner, Kelly, has that natural ability to be fun and informative w/ the kids and Kaden took to her right away. He is already excited to join the next Kids Korner class, Pizza from Scratch. The classes only last an hour and it gave me time to run over to the Avenues and hit up a couple of stores.

However, before the class we enjoyed lunch at A La Carte's new cafe. It is a limited menu in a small bistro setting but I sampled most of it and it was all delicious. Not to be missed is the tomato basil soup w/ cheesy rolls on the side...reminded me of La Madeline's signature soup...I loved it. The chicken salad was also very tasty. They also offer a kids menu that includes a Wow Sandwich, which includes peanut butter, bananas, marshmellow cream and chocolate chips! We were also offered free samplings of their dipping sauces and Kendall's favorite, the all natural chocolates.
I will definitly be picking up a few of their ready made meals to serve for dinner at home on our next visit.
If you are planning on visiting for lunch you may want to bring your own booster or bring in the stroller as they do not offer a high chair, which was their only negative.
For more information about having your child attend a class or having lunch at the cafe visit their website at

Saige's Costume Party

Action shot of Kaden during his favorite arcade ball
Kendall double fists the cake and ice cream. The girl has a major sweet tooth.

Kaden and my nephew Ethan make scary faces while displaying their "bloody green fingers" from their goodie bags.

Kaden and the birthday girl.

Kendall & Kaden enjoy bouncing around w/ their Daddy in their LSU cheerleader &

My niece Saige turned 5 this week and we celebrated with a costume themed party at JumpIts (an indoor bounce land and arcade). The kids had a great time of course, although Kaden did get scared when they played the haunted music and put on the strobe lights. I was happy to have him snuggling me for a minute :) Kendall of course loved it and was thrilled to have her Daddy bring her in the bounce house and on the slide...over and over again! Happy bday to Saigey.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ellijay Apple Festival

Kylee & Ethan both make it to the top of the rock climbing wall like its nothing!
Kaden stays safely grounded and plays putt putt

Pops was thrilled to ride the tiny train caboose w/ the kids

Kaden, Kendall, Kylee & Ethan all bundled up and having a great time...this shot was taken before they indulged in fried oreos :)

Kaden & Ethan on the camel ride

Kaden was terrified of the mechanical bull, but he did it!

LaLa & Kendall trying to stay warm

We had another busy weekend that ended w/ a mini road trip to Ellijay, Ga. w/ my parents and niece and nephew, Kylee and Ethan. The drive up there went very well as it was during Kendall's nap and the others watched tv in the back seat. Then we all bundled up to brave the cold was Kendall's first time wearing mittens and she actually did not put up a fight and kept them on the majority of the time. The kids had fun with a variety of activities including a camel ride, rock climbing, a mechanical bull, train ride, putt putt and bouncies. The arts and crafts were a little country for my taste but I walked away w/ plenty of apple butter to bring home. I also thourghly enjoyed the fried oreos and apple pies...yummy!!! The drive home was a little less effortless as the kids were tired and hungry for the 5th time and needed to potty and the list goes on, but half way in they had fallen asleep or got occupied w/ Nintendo DS so we managed to make it back w/ no major meltdowns.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Taste of Acworth

This was by far their favorite of the dogs...from left to right, Ethan, Kylee, Julia, Makenzi, Kendall, Me, and Kaden
Trying to avoid the crowds we got on a sidewalk rather than walk down the crowded streets. My two babies were freezing in my failed attempt to bundle them up...I had no idea that the wind was going to make it soooo cold!

Today was the Taste of Acworth Festival on Main Street in Downtown Acworth, Ga., which is anchored by restaurants like Henrys Louisiana Kitchen, Old Mill, Watsons, and Fusco's to name a few. There were plenty of booths set up to sample everything from shrimp and grits to white chocolate covered strawberries from the chocolate emporium. Local businesses of course were promoting their products and services and there was a kid zone w/ plenty of things to bounce on.

We went later in the afternoon to watch the "Dog show" where local dogs were able to compete in things like jumping and eating...this of course was the highlight of the day for the kids. My parents joined us along w/ my sister Lindsey and her kids. The highlight for my mom and I, both self proclaimed foodies w/ a major sweet tooth, was sampling the different foods and having so many options for dessert. There was also the ability to pay for a wrist band so that you could sample beer and wine from the various booths, which we didn't get a chance to partake in, but certainly keeping it in mind for next year!...we were so cold the only thing I wanted was coffee and hot chocolate. The streets were packed and the weather was too cold, but a good time and an event that will become a must attend from now on.


Kaden scored his very first goal at his soccer game on Thursday! He was so excited that he immediately turned around, threw his arms in the air, gave his coach a high five and ran off the field to jump up and down w/ me. After the celebration was over I realized the game was still going on and he needed to be back out on the field w/ his team. I was so excited for him and he was sooo proud of himself...he has been telling anyone that will listen how he is a big soccer champion now :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bubbles Bubbles everywhere

Kendall & I attend a Mommy & Me Kindermusic class on Thursday mornings. I think she has developed a love of music through this class. She will dance and stomp and clap but most of all she loves it when the lights are turned low and the bubbles float in the if I could only get her to say the word bubble!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Disney On Ice Celebration

Kendall w/ the new Minnie Mouse purse her Daddy bought for her and she carried on her arm through the show :)

Me, Kaden & Kendall at Phillips Arena

Disney of Ice...w/ peter pan, snow white, cinderella, Belle, goofy, daisy duck, aladin and more

Kaden & Kendall sport their Mickey & Minnie wear

And then there was cake! Kendall enjoying her Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake @ the Cheesecake Factory where she screamed through the whole dinner and threw most of my salad on the sweet!!! Sometimes you just have to laugh

After we picked Kaden up at school yesterday we headed down to Atlanta to spend the afternoon before attending the Disney On Ice show at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta. We ate, shopped, ate some more, went for cookies & cake (I know...... if it wasn't for all the walking I might have gained 10 pounds yesterday!) and then off to the Disney show. The kids loved the show....Kaden's favorite was Stich of Lilo & Stich and Kendall's was by far Minnie Mouse. She just waved and blew kisses at Minnie Mouse the whole time and would cry when she was out of her sight. Kaden just kept asking if the characters were real and yelling out in pure thrill! They both were smiling, laughing, dancing and reminding me of how lucky I am to be their Mom.

Even though we didn't get home until 10:30 and we were all exhausted it was one of those family days that has become etched into memory.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kids in the Kitchen

My new favorite find is A La Carte Market & Cafe in Marietta.
I'm not only super excited to find somewhere to pick up ready to go meals, but they also offer cooking demonstrations, tastings, parties, events, and best of all a kids korner. They have many preschool demonstrations for 3-5 year olds as well as classes for the older kids ages 6-10. I know Kaden is super excited about attending their upcoming picturesque pumpkins and pizza from scratch classes. Best of all they have a cafe w/ a great kids menu so you can do lunch there before the class. Appointments for classes required, but not for lunch. Deal alert...go to and click on exclusive deals where you can print a coupon for a free kids lunch w/ participation in any class.
As an added bonus the Avenues of West Cobb are very close by if you needed to make a quick shopping trip during your little ones 1 hour class :)

10 Year High School Reunion

Shelly, Amy, Me, Veronica and Chivonne

This weekend was my 10 year high school reunion. Keith was out of town Firday night so I had the sitter watch Kendall and I took my son on a Mommy & Son date. Kaden and I joined friends for dinner and then went to the homecoming football game on Friday night, which was entertaining if just for the people watching and to see how much things have changed and stayed the same. There was not a big turn out from my old class at the game though so that was disappointing.

Saturday evening I hosted a small pre party before the reunion and I had pulled old pictures and scrapbooks from the attic that we reminisced through and got in some good laughs.

Then it was off to the reunion. I think there were only about 60 of the 290+ graduates from my class, but at that I just did not recognize or remember most of them. I was in such a bubble in high school but I'm glad that bubble eventually burst and I became a member of the real world so to speak. I also realized how far I've come in life and that I have accomplished more than I probably had ever imagined I would back then. I was glad that Keith was able to surprise me and come to the reunion and see the carefree girl in me again.

With that said I did host an after party that lasted till about I still got it in me to throw a good party!

Sleepless Beauties

Don't let this picture fool kids are the worst sleepers ever, but by far the best snugglers. Since Kendall got sick we have found that her new sleeping schedule involves her waking up around 3am for snacking and a little play before she goes back to bed TWO HOURS LATER and then is up and ready to go again at 8am...
In an effort to stop the madness I'm trying to make her day nap longer and push back her bedtime and dinner to keep her sleeping through the night.
Kaden sleeps in our bed on "movie night," which is just his way of saying we all watch tv or a movie in our bed and have a night of snuggling and little sleep for Mommy and Daddy. I also do bring him in my bed a lot when Keith is out of town :)

The Queen of Busy Bodies

This picture was taken of Kendall this past weekend. Somehow the door to our pantry is always open even though I close it every time I enter it in fear of this exact thing. I'm pretty sure that Kaden and Kendall have some unspoken understanding that if Kaden opens doors for Kendall to find trouble to stir up then she won't be trying to bother him!
Since Kendall started walking we have not found her off switch...the girl is constantly on the go and finding trouble wherever she can. Just this morning she has already dumped Kaden's bowl of cereal on the floor, broke a picture frame and threw a candle at my foot. I thought girls were suppose to be the calm ones, well not in our case. This girl is into everything at all times!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

The adorable matching ghost shirts are by
Collections by Tara Nichole

This afternoon some serious cabin fever set in as we have been home so much this past week trying to get the kids feeling better. After somewhat sleeping in this morning we set off this afternoon for a visit to the Cagle Farm Pumpkin Patch and corn maze in Canton, GA. Both kids loved being back outside. We picked out pumpkins, rode ponies, had Kaden lead us through the corn maze, road play tractors, blasted corn into the fields and bounced.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kid Friendly activities in Louisville and Cincinnati

Keith, Kaden & Kendall @ Lynn's Paradise Cafe. 984 Barrett Ave. Downtown Louisville, Ky
We ate here on our first night of the trip before Kaden got sick. A whimsical diner you will feel like you stepped back into the early 1980's. I had the fried green tomato blt and the kids ordered breakfast for dinner :) A must visit, be prepared for the gift shop w/ old school toys that the kids love & bring the camera to take pics with various objects outside. Only downfall was the service was extremely slow, but friendly at least.

Kendall was a little unsure about walking over the Gator Bayou exhibit at the Newport Aquarium. She could not only see her reflection but also the turtles and alligators below her...I don't think I blame her!

Kaden & Kendall both got a kick out of seeing all the divers in the shark tanks. They were very friendly waving hello and blowing kisses to Kendall.

Kaden's first time touching a snake....made my skin crawl!

Kaden & Kendall on the banks of the Ohio River @ Newport on the Levee. That is Cincinnati in the background.

Last weekend we traveled along w/ Keith to Louisville, Ky. We were there this same time last year and enjoyed much of the city so I had the bright idea to make the 3 hour round trip to Cincinnati, Ohio as the kids had never been to that state. We visited a Dunkin Donuts, The Levee, the Aquarium and enjoyed lunch in the suburbs. Our lunch location was a big hit w/ the kids not only for the delicious pizza, but also b/c the kids were able to watch them make the hand tossed pizzas. We were able to do a 1/2 pepperoni (Kaden's fav) and half caprese (my fav). Don't forget to order dessert, brought in from a local bakery, the chocolate creme torte was excellent.
Dewey's Pizza located at 3014 Madison Road in Oakley Square
After lunch take a stroll down Madison Rd. and stop in the kite shop, toy store or numerous antique and home decor stores.
Its hard to beat the Atlanta Aquarium, but this is definitely one of our new favorites located at One Aquarium Way in Newport, Kentucky just over the bridge from Cincinnati.
Be sure to get there at opening and see the penguin parade on the Aquarium Plaza. Some of our favorite exhibits included the Shark Cage, Frog Bog w/ tot play area, and Shark Central where Kaden was able to touch the sharks!!!
Newport on the Levee is a destination itself w/ a beautiful backdrop of the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati it offers a movie theater, shops, and numerous restaurants. It is also where you can buy tickets and board the ducky boats that take you on a tour of the city by water. We will definitely add this to the agenda for our next trip as the weather was overcast and too cool this time around.
Unfortunately, that was as much as we got in this trip as Saturday evening was spent trying to break Kaden's fever and then Sunday at Kosair Children's Hospital trying to figure out why he had a fever and why it wouldn't break. I had no idea what we were in store for.
I did discover that Louisville has some serious shopping and did stumble upon a good children's boutique on Saturday afternoon.
Honey Beez at 125 South English Station Rd. Louisville
offers baby Zutano, Hartstrings, and numerous other brands along w/ a wide variety of staples including socks, bloomers, hair bows, tights, and monogrammed bags.
Another Louisville first for us was driving down Bardstown Rd. filled w/ pubs, eateries, eclectic shops and some serious people watching.

As for the toll on US States visited, Kaden has now been to 17 and Kendall to 13.