Saturday, January 30, 2010

18 Months

Kendall turns 18 months tomorrow and truly enters the toddler world. We are trying very hard to open up the lines of communication so there is less frustration on both our parts. She also gave up the paci this Month, which was no small victory. Now her soothing technique has become playing w/ my sweet I know but sometimes not really! Kaden actually did the same thing! This picture was taken earlier this month and is the last picture I have of my baby girl w/ her paci. It was in the morning and she had laid on her dora couch to watch cartoons and next thing we knew she was fast asleep. This makes me realize how much I miss the paci...bedtime was soooo much easier w/ it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet Journi

My youngest sister, Jenna, introduced Journi Rylynn King to the world on Wednesday January 20th, 2010. Here are some snapshots from my recent visit w/ her. She looks a lot like w/ her Daddy w/ features of her her nose and toes! Saige, Jenna's oldest daughter, is settling into the role of big sister quite well.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kaden Starts Basketball

Kaden has started yet another sport. For the next two months he will be participating in Lil' Dribllers, which is learning the basics of basketball. He is a 4-5 year old class and a few of his friends/schoolmates are in the class w/ him. It doesn't seem to be his sport but you never know. Next up Soccer starts back in March. Then it will be the summer and we will have swimming lessons, golf camp, and tball! He loves every minute of it and I'm anxious for him to find the sport or two that become his passion!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Missing in Action

Today was my first day back to reality... up until this point I had been removed from society and all traces of my life for almost 9 straight days. It all started the evening of Friday the 15th. As I tell my story keep in mind that Keith was out of town for this whole epidemic so I was home alone! On the night of the 15th Kaden and I both became restless, achy, and just uncomfortable. I could feel it coming but had no idea what was in store for me. At 4am it hit me...I never threw up so much in my whole life! Kaden was not far behind me. I thought it may be food poisoning so I called in reinforcements as Kaden and I were both hovered over the same trash can and kendall was screaming in between us in my bed. My Dad came to the rescue and continued to watch over Kaden while I got in some much needed rest for a couple of hours. My mom and dad were with us for the majority of the afternoon helping out, bringing in truckloads (literally if you know my Dad) of Gatorade, jello, vitamin water, and soup. Then miraculously Sunday we were ok, tired and weak, but good. Not so fast...Monday was horrible again for me...I will spare you the details but lets just say I decided at this point I had the stomach flu. Kaden seemed good. Then around 2am Kendall woke up and projectile vomited all over herself, me and the bed...the poor bed, I have just thrown away most of my bedding! I was so worried about Kendall I finally fell back asleep w/ her on my chest. At 6am she had round #2 but after that she seemed good w/ just a lack of appetite and tired from her night. I kept Kaden out of school just in case. Tuesday was a good day, but we just stayed in. So I decided I would send him to school the next day, Wednesday. It was also the big day for my youngest sister Jenna, she was being admitted into the hospital to deliver her 2nd baby girl, Journi. I was so excited to meet my new niece but decided it would be best to keep our distance w/ our recent illness. My day started at 5am on Wednesday morning as I woke up w/ a strange lump in my throat. I decided it was just from the vomiting and sleep deprivation and that I just needed to push through my day. I got Kaden off to school. When I got home it took all I had in me just to get back inside and lay on the couch. Kendall was not having it so I got up got a shower got her ready and was about to head out the door to run errands when....I shut my poor baby girls pinky and ring finger in the pantry door! She screamed for 10 minutes so I called the pediatrician and decided to rush her in to see him to make sure her fingers were ok. Thank goodness they were. While we were there I had him check her out b/c of her recent stomach issues. Well, turns out she had an ear infection. Then it was off to get Kaden and get him to basketball practice. I must of been running on adrenaline because as soon as I sat down at his practice the body chills literally took over me. My Mom and Saige came to watch Kaden and waste some time before heading to see Jenna at hospital (she was not progressing very well). At that point I told my Mom that I may be running a fever. "Push through it" I told myself. The drive home was nearly impossible. I unloaded the kids and got into the house. Luckily one of Keith's employees was in his home office working. I went and got her and explained that I felt so sick I needed to get to a doctor now and asked if she would watch the kids. I almost couldn't drive from the chills, but I made to a nearby urgent care. The result, I was running a 103 fever and had strep throat...wonderful! It is the absolute worst feeling in the world as a parent to not have enough strength or control over your own body to even take care of your children. But yet I had to...Keith was out of town along with my sister Lindsey and my Dad and my Mom was at the hospital w/ Jenna who was giving birth! Bad timing! Luckily we have a saint of a babysitter who Keith called in to help me. Within an hour she was there to help. She was wonderful I just went into bed and she fed the kids, bathed them, played w/ them and put them to their own beds, which doesn't happen often. Of course around 11pm Kendall woke up and I just brought her into bed w/ me as my attempts to get her back to sleep in her crib did not go well. As you all know when you are sick, your whole body aches, well imagine having your hair pulled over and over again during this horrible aching...yes, my daughter loves to play w/ my hair to fall asleep...pure torture on this night! Then at 4am here comes Kaden. Obviously I didn't send him to school on Thursday, nor attend Kendall's music class, or do anything for that matter. I didn't even get to see or hold my beautiful baby niece who was born on Wednesday night. Thursday was a very very long day. I ran fevers on and off and rarely got off the couch. My little man was something of a saint. My four year old got me Gatorade, answered the phone, entertained Kendall, got them snacks and even semi changed a couple of diapers!!!! Kaden was amazing...I don't know what I would have done w/out him. We ordered in Chinese for dinner that no one ate much of. On the bright side both kids seemed to be feeling fine. We get in the bed early...good thing b/c at 11pm Kendall starts throwing up again. There is no end in sight! Then light at the end of the tunnel, Keith takes a red eye flight home and walks in the door at 9am. It was like seeing a saint that quickly disappeared as he was off to work just as quickly as he appeared, but he brought Kaden w/ him (wait there goes my help)! At this point though I was feeling a lot better, although my throat hurt like hell, and Kendall was doing good. Nap time. We kept it low key and went to Ocharley's for dinner so I could get some soup. Kaden loves this place but didn't want to eat and said his belly hurt. We get home and get ready for bed. We are saying our good nights when the flood gates open and Kaden vomits all over our bedroom. Seriously, the place should be quarantined. Saturday I felt much better and the kids even seemed fine to the point they were running around the house like crazy people as cabin fever set in. So far we have had 3 days with no vomiting and only minimal visits to the potty if you get my drift! Keith complained last night of a sour which I replied really...really!!!
So there is my journal of a story as to why I have been absent from my own life this past week. I have a ton of blogging to catch up on and I know you are all anxious to meet Ms. Journi so I promise to get lots of pictures up this week.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adventures in Learning in Birmingham

This past weekend the kids and I braved the icy cold weather with Keith and went to Birmingham, Alabama for a three day weekend. This has become one of my favorite cities that Keith works in. It has wonderful shopping and plenty of kid freindly sights and activities. We have not spent a lot of our time downtown, which I must say is quite run down and abandon, but there still are a few good finds such as the McWane Science Center. With four levels of interactive science exhibits and everything from dinosaur bones to a shark and sting ray tank both my kids were very entertained for the three hours we were there! For an additional cost you can also take in a show at the IMAX Dome theater...we have attempted this before only to run out w/ both kids screaming so I decided not to bother this go around!

Be sure to check out the Itty Bitty Magic City that included plenty of tot toys for Kendall and even had a Mini golf area that was great for Kaden :)

200 19th St.
Adult $11
Kids 2-12 $8

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mommy & Me Ballet

I attempted to take a Mommy & Me Ballet class w/ Kendall this past Monday. She was the youngest in the class as the children ranged from 18 months to 3. Let's just say I will not be taking the class again. Kendall was more interested in trying to go over to the tumble mat and jump off of it then to do any of the moves the instructor was trying to teach. She did attempt to lift her leg, but she would put it in front of her rather than behind. And when they played music instead of getting on her toes she would bounce up and down and shake her butt! :) I think ballet will have to wait awhile.
I really wanted to do it b/c of the cute outfits....and how cute would she have been running around in a tutu at a recital :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Days

Kaden is amazed as the snow starts to fall and both kids attempted to catch it in their hands and eat it! Kendall had a hard time just walking around in the flurries :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Monkeying Around

Just for fun and b/c both the kids had a Monkey on their outfits yesterday...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cookie Magazine No More

In the last month I have only opened the mail that looked of real importance and have thrown the rest into piles in my pantry. As I have finally had the time to filter through it this morning I found a life altering post card. My favorite of all time magazine is no longer going to be published. Cookie, a magazine with all the best family stuff! It has fashion, not the kind any normal person can afford, but nonetheless fun to look at and get ideas from, and of course my favorite part was the travel sections all catered to vacations & getaways w/ kids. I had used several of their itineraries for trips...most notable was our trip in the spring of 2008 to Dallas & Houston, TX. But it was also so much more with stories told from a real Moms point of view containing details and real life no nonsense truth but w/ a quirky comedic tone...oh how I'm going to miss those stories!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcoming 2010 As A Family

At our friends Kelly & Tom's house. I got to hang out w/ some of my best high school and college buddies that I haven't seen in awhile. Keith was on the other side of the kitchen counter...he thoroughly enjoyed the buffet of delicious food! :) And this is only about 1/2 the kids in attendance!

Kendall feeds Kaden some M&M's during our floor candy picnic

Sweet baby girl...although I did fight w/ her all night about keeping in her hairbow...I seem to be losing the battle!

Kaden & Kendall at home ready to ring in the New Year

After my house almost caught on fire at last years New Years Eve Party we decided to tone it down a bit for this year's celebration. We went over to a friends new home for a wonderful feast w/ good friends and a whole lot of kids & babies for Kaden and Kendall to stay entertained. We came home around 10pm and had a candy picnic in our foyer of all places. Kendall finally fell asleep so Keith, Kaden and I decided to partake in a little Wii Bowling to kill time. Then as we turned on the New Years Eve countdown Kendall woke up!...So all four of us piled into our bed and watched the countdown. We did a big family kiss at midnight and then watched from our windows as some of our neighbors shot off fireworks. We even got to talk with family at Midnight that called. What a perfect way to ring in the New Year!
I do have several resolutions for this year:
1. Get back in the Gym or at least try to watch a little of what I eat.
2. Try to cook at least 3 dinners at home each week, but it also has to be cell phone and Internet free...we eat out way too much w/ way too many interruptions!
3. Be Grateful!!!
4. Be patient!!!!
5. Dont be afraid to ask for help once in awhile.

Christmas Joy

With this face I thought that Kendall may already be starting to use her new Royal Princess Potty Seat from Santa.

Kaden, Ethan, Sophie, Makenzi, Kendall, Kylee, Julia and Saige on Christmas Day @ Lala & Pops

Christmas Eve at our home w/ Kylee, Kaylee, Kierstan, Kaden, Kendall, Saige, Harrison & Ethan

Kaden almost expected this...the Wii!...their would have been a serious meltdown on Christmas morning if this was not under the tree!

As it was time to go to bed we put out the cookies and milk for Santa only to find our little cookie monster was already digging in...this girl has a serious sweet tooth!

Kaden had been itching to get into his stocking and he loved the Falcons Hat that Kendall gave him on Christmas Eve

Helping Daddy unwrap his presents Christmas Eve w/ lots of kisses and hugs


Kendall already loves fashion. She had a great time just prancing around the house w/ the Burberry shopping bag that my Christmas Eve gift from Keith and the kids came in

There were so many pictures taken over the last week at all the different family gatherings and gift opening sessions, as I have now termed it, that I simply could not get it all on my blog in chronological order fast enough. So I have included some highlights here. Hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now that things are semi back to normal and I have had time to reflect upon this Christmas. I have decided that
my kids are officially spoiled rotten! a good way of course! Kaden has been getting in plenty of play time on the new Wii that Santa brought. I actually had some fun myself last night playing bowling and tennis! Kendall and I have had fun dressing up her Bitty Babies from American Girl from Lala & Pops and she has been under my feet pretend cleaning w/ her Snow White Vacuum and broom from Santa. Another favorite has been the little mermaid ride on from Meme...both the kids have been pushing each other all through the house on it. All in all we all got more than we wished for and the kids toys have officially taken over the house. Now its time to get all the Christmas decorations down :(