Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kaden & Kendall Back to School

So Kaden just started first grade at the beginning of the month & today Kendall had her first day of 3 year old preschool at our beloved First Pres. I thought I might share some of our most recent events from our back to school fun here at the Smith household.
If you are not my friend on facebook or just didn't happen to see this week's status you are about to be shocked by my most recent news from Kaden's first couple of weeks back! Ok maybe not shocked, but you will get a laugh :)
He got in the car Tuesday & begins telling me all about his day when he mentions a girl gave him her phone number! He moves on with his story to tell me something about her wanting him to come over to see her grandfather's telescope! Really...1st Grade! Are they already talking on the phone & having arranged play dates???? Anyways I explained to him that we are not quite ready to be calling on girls and that would come in time (like 10 years from now)! He replied..."Well I really want to see her telescope!" Then this evening we get home from church & this girls number is on our caller ID! So I asked Kaden if he gave out our number? And he said..."Well she said if I couldn't call her she would call me." Tricksters! Not getting one over on me. I'm going to have to meet this girl & have a little chit chat w/ her Mother :)

Onto Kendall. Her "homework" assignment was to gather items into a small brown lunch sack entitled "All About Me." The items were to be favorites...color, food, toy, story/book, game/tv show, place to visit, photos of friends, family, pets, & any other small items that she wanted to share. The bag is now literally bursting at the seams from the items she gathered & when she showed them all to me I was laughing w/ tears so I just have to share the contents w/ her explanation for each. So here it goes:
A small baby doll in a pink dress w/ bottle (Her "Sister")...wishful thinking
A purple crayon (favorite color)
Picture of Macaroni & Cheese (She got a box of it out of the pantry & I had to pour the contents into a ziplock bag in order to cut out the picture w/ her)
A Hello Kitty Watch (her favorite character & tv show)...I was not aware Hello Kitty had her own show???
American Girl Bitty Twins Go For A Ride (Book. And its purple!)
White doile from her tea cart (B/c she wants to play tea party at school)
Snow White Brush (Favorite Movie ever)
A small replica/toy dalmation dog (poor child really wants a doggie)
A small replica/toy dairy cow (Not sure where her logic was w/ this one but she just had to have it in the bag)
Mickey & Minnie small character toys (favorite place on Earth she has ever been to she said)
Hello Kitty Ring (Favorite things...dress up, fashion & Hello Kitty)
Hello Kitty New York Snow Globe (She got this on vacation in NYC this past Christmas & I had no idea where it was till it showed up in this bag today)...see the theme w/ the Hello Kitty, the child is obsessed!
Her ballet shoes! (Half the girls in her class are her ballet class & she said she is going to wear them during show & tell!)
Then I let her go through a box of pictures & she got to pick three...& the winners are: (1) A family photo of the four of us at the zoo in New Orleans this past Spring (2) Kendall, Kaden & Kylee (Ky-Ky) going to the movies this summer (3) Her, Mallory & Sara (girlfriends, both of which are in her class) at the pool last summer w/ their sunglasses on!
She was so proud to finish up her first "Homework" assignment & so determined to collect her cute!

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